Olivier Nouvellet Gallery. 19 Rue de Seine. París 75006. 16th-27th october 2007.


This is Reguera’s sixth exhibition in this Parisian

gallery on the Rue de Seine. It includes sixteen small

and medium-sized paintings. “Object-paintings”

whose structure induces me to give greater

importance to flat surfaces and straight lines.

Diagonal lines separate the pieces into enclosed

fields of colour. Painted cubes, apparently self-

contained but once installed forming part of one and

the same group. Painted volumes which inter-relate

with each other. Their deep edges establish a

sequence before our eyes whereby it appears that

each painting does not entirely cease because its

edge connects with that of the next. They could all

form one joint piece. Straight lines separate the

coloured areas of each painting into different flat

surfaces. Defined by lines and edges, they provide

us with a glimpse of distant horizons; abstract

geometric landscapes. As the viewer moves around

the exhibition space, he/she is afforded different

visions of the same painting.